5 Tools to Power Up Your Twitter Influence

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  • September 21, 2009

Lately Twitter seems to be all the rage.  It seems like there’s more and more people boasting about growing their followers and making mega cash on this relatively new wave of social media.

Millions of people are now a part of the Twitter community and chances are…you are too.  If not, you should. I’ve found recently that a very large portion of the traffic at Site Sketch 101 is driven here through tweets and retweets in the Twitterverse.  I want to do whatever I can to help you enjoy that same success at your site.

Growing as a Positive Influence…not as a Spammer

Despite being abused by link spammers it is still an amazing way to connect with other real people.  In fact, Twitter is notorious for the bots that spam you with links for affiliate products or self-promotion.

As we step out into the world of Twitter let’s make sure that we set out to be a positive influence and not a shameless promoter of ourselves and our checkbooks.  Let’s meet real people.  Let’s make real friends.  Let’s brand ourselves first and our site branding will be that much more powerful.

One of the amazing things about Twitter is that right away they developed a system for other programs to interface and communicate with Twitter on your behalf.

In other words, instead of going to Twitter’s homepage to type out a message to all of my followers, I can simply type it into a desktop application and press the enter key on my keyboard. I no longer have to have the Twitter website open to follow my friends tweets.  I can be notified of them automatically.

This is great because it allows us to set up some of our tweets to go out automatically while at the same time allowing us to also be able to personally engage with other users.  You need to strike up a good balance here.  Too much work yourself and you are wasting valuable time.  To many auto-posts and you are nothing more than a spammer who many will simply unfollow.

5 Tools to Power Up Your Twitter Influence

There are several programs that I use religiously as I work to engage with my friends and followers on Twitter.  If you want to successfully connect with people and drive more traffic to your site then I highly recommend that you add a few of these tools to your arsenal.

  1. TweetSpinner: Tweetspinner.com offers a lot of great tools to pump up your twitter followers.  The number one feature that I use at this site is the keyword following.  I can type in a keyword like “blogging tips” or “problogger” and at the push of a button I will automatically follow 30 people who have used those words in one of their tweets.  Then I can also unfollow people who have not followed me back.  This is great because  a large number of people that you follow will ultimately follow you back.
  2. Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck is a free download and it is an absolute must for creating genuine connections with others in the twittersphere.  This program allows you to see your friends updates in near real time.  This means that within seconds of your friends posting “I just got off work and I’m headed to work on my blog” you can write back “Awesome!  Where’s your blog?  I’d love to check it out!”  These quick, personal responses are more valuable than you could even imagine.
  3. Tweetable: This awesome WordPress plugin allows you to auto-tweet your articles as they become published.  You can include tags and you can personalize the tweet that gets sent out.
  4. Twitter: The best way to find out more about someone that you are connecting with is to simply check out their twitter page.  This will usually reveal how much they’ve customized their page and it will reveal some important information in the sidebar including their website, location and sometimes a short bio.
  5. Engagement: This is the most important tool you can have.  Genuine engagement will provide you with greater results than just about any other tool available.  When you connect with real people as a real person then you will find people flocking to your site to find out who you are.  Sell yourself and your site will be easy to sell.

Group Discussion

Alright friends, I’ve set you up for success with Twitter.  Will you do the same for me?  What tools do you find most effective in building your influence on Twitter?  What practices work best for you?  What tools should I add to the list for next time?


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  • Adam Haney says:

    I’ve been using twizzness (http://twizzness.com), and tweetable, and engagement (or at least I like to think so). Tweetspinner looks like an awesome product thanks so much for suggesting it.

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  • Ruchi says:

    I am using all above tools , but was not aware about engagement. I will surely give it a try. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      Ruchi –> Engagement just means that you need to actually get involved and talk to people. It’s not actually an application that you use. It’s a principle. Engage your friends with conversation.

    • akira07 says:

      Engagement is not application :P
      It’s all about make good relationship with the other twitter member.

      But too bad, twitter comment is one-way system.

  • Rish says:

    I used tweetadder and its cool! Hummingbird is another real great software to manage your twitter. It is popular and has a lot of features but then, I do not want to spend for it.

    Great tips!(as always) Thanks for the share.

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      Rish –> I’ve not actually heard of either of the ones that you just mentioned so thanks for letting me know about them. All of the tools that I mentioned in the article are free.

    • akira07 says:

      I’m already read hummingbird site and get interested by it feature. But yes, it’s so expensive, we need to pay $97.
      Since i can find another twitter application which great but free, i think i’m not going to buy hummingbird.

  • Andrew says:

    Nice post Nick. I use tweetdeck and tweetable but I use a different application for finding followers and other tasks. If anyone is interested you can check it out here via my blog.


    I don’t advocate spam and this tool could be used for that but I use it to find targeted followers and to unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow me back which often indicates a bot. What I like about it most is that it doesn’t use the API calls so it’s not limited by twitters 100 calls per hour.

    Also do you have a link for Engagement? That one sounds interesting yet I hadn’t come across that until now.

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      Andrew –> It’s the same with tweetspinner. I think that some people probably use it to spam but I’m with you that I am totally against spam.

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  • ZXT says:

    I never use any Twitter apps. I always go to Twitter.com and thats it. Maybe its time for me to use this apps to my advantage. I will start using Tweetspinner and Tweetdeck and update you in a week.

    • Ron Boracay says:

      That’s great! I mean, tweetdeck is an awesome tool. If you are a heavy twitterer, I am sure you will love the application.

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      ZXT –> You should definitely start with tweetdeck. When I moved from twitter.com to tweetdeck I really started connecting with people.

      • ZXT says:

        Yeah they say you suck at Twitter when you only tweet twice in a week then you tweet all your 20 tweets in a couple of hours or tweet dailyy but only once a day.

        Thats my problem with Twitter. I forgot to tweet most of the time. Maybe these apps can and will remind me to tweet more.

        • Arisu says:


          I guess I suck at twitter too… I forgot to tweet the cool things I see online, and only retweet the things I see in Twitter…

          • ZXT says:

            Yes. I think these tools listed here will make a better Twitter experience. I think the apps whould be running all the time like YM or MSN Messenger so you don’t forget to Tweet whenever you feel like tweeting. And you can see better updates like DM, Mentions, etc.

      • Ron Boracay says:

        Right Nick, tweetdeck do have a lots of functionality that are really useful for me.

        • ZXT says:

          Like what Ron? I still seldom use TweetDeck, I’ve downloaded and installed it last week.

          • Ron Boracay says:

            You can sort those tweets via columns.

            I have three columns:

            One is for my tweet mentions
            One is for the general tweets
            One is for the DMs

            And its really makes my twittering more efficient and fun/.

  • Arisu says:

    Uh, thanks a lot for the post! I´m a complete n00b on twitter… and none of my friends nor colleagues use it yet.

    I guess is still too new in Latin America… Also, some of the people I follow either tweet very few things or they tweet too much XD I had to unfollow some people because of the saturation they caused on my acocunt.

    • ZXT says:

      Arisu I can see you are having followers and you are following some people now too. I just sent you a direct message.

    • Ron Boracay says:

      Ohh, you mean, only little portion of internet users in your area maximize and use twitter?

      Why not blog about twitter and spread it among the latinos and latinas, it can make a difference! And it can earn you big number of followers as well.

      • Arisu says:


        That´s a good idea :D But I guess first I need to learn how to use some Twitter tools and interact better with people in Twitter.

        • Ron Boracay says:

          Your right mate, then share those experiences of yours at your community. Definitely, you will be one of the known twitter blogger around your community.

  • akira07 says:

    I never use twitter application. But tweetspinner is looks interesting because the system is giving us information about people who have same interest with us

  • Iindsay says:

    I have used a few plugin on my blog. One is tweetmeme which puts a “tweet this” button on every post so others can tweetyour posts. And believe it or not, people will if it’s interesting.

    For my powernubby.com website I used the social bookmarking addon (that includes a Twitter button) and a plugin that auto tweets your post with customized lines and it also updates a facebook PAGE which is awesome.

    I think that a good rule of thumb is post one self promoting like for every 5 or more tweets. If you coverse and link to fun/interesting stuff that isn’t always yours, more people will follow you and more people will click your links.

    Also a good thing is to try and avoid link shorteners if you can. There are lots of websites that republish niche related tweets. By shortening your URL your will not get that link juice.

    • akira07 says:

      I love tweetmeme also. Especially on a contest who require the participant to RT the following message shown on the contest page. I just click on the button and i’m already counted on the contest :D.

  • Evan Kline says:

    Thanks for the tips. I hadn’t heard of TweetSpinner before, so I’ll definitely be checking it out. Just the idea of following people to get followers in return is a good one, which I really haven’t implemented yet. My worry is about following too many people to keep up with, but that’s where other tools come in to play.

    • Andrew says:

      Evan at first I had the same concerns but I took the plunge and started following for followers.

      I’ll admit that it can be a bit painful if you get it up by spammers every other minute and when you following begins to really grow there is a lot to keep up with.

      That’s the beauty of tweetdeck though. You can allocate panels to monitor just those things you want to be alerted of.

      But for marketing having a large following is important to get your messages out.

      I’ve written a number of articles on my blog about how to use twitter for effective marketing but for anyone who isn’t sure my post 5 Ways to Fail With Twitter and get a clear picture of what NOT to do if you want people to notice you.

      • Arisu says:


        That´s a great article, I loved the nonsense quote… you definitely don´t want to be known for being lame.

        • Andrew says:

          Glad you enjoyed it. I guess I was inspired to write that after seeing so much wasted effort and so many robot accounts spamming all day every day.

          • Arisu says:

            Well, they do say is good for your writing to write about the things that bother you. And we´ve all had faced spamers and bots in twitter.

  • Karl says:

    Firefox users can also play with the TwitterFox plugin; I use that mostly, though it’s still lacking a direct message feature.

    Used to use TweetDeck, but dropped it in favour of TwitterFox and Digsby; more convenient, even if they’re not as powerful.

    @arisu – saturation is always going to be a problem… that unfollow button is handy!

    @lindsay – url shorteners aren’t always avoidable, but can’t you still use hashtags to preserve that juice?

    • Arisu says:


      I know, I know… getting some tweets per day is ok, but 15 or 20 in the morning and in the afternoon and at night for the same person is just too much… and some pages or forums tweet every single thing they do!

      So everyone… don´t do that, it´s not nice, and people won´t follow you if you do it. But also, being quiet for weeks is no good either.

      • Sat Chen says:

        Really agree with you Arisu, I used to follow people who had like 20 tweet per day. It got annoying after a while. You should keep it to 5 tweet per day at most.

        • Karl says:

          Dunno, If you have 30 or 40 tweets I might be interested in, I’d be happy to get them :)

          TweetDeck does have a grouping and search features to help manage the overload. Found a good tutorial once but don’t seem to have the link any more. At least this seems to describe most of the basics: http://www.gissisim.com/2009/03/how-to-tweet-deck-like-a-pro/

          Not so sure about TweetSpinner either really. The more followers – shallow followers at that – there are, the harder it is to maintain engagement, isn’t it?

          • Arisu says:


            But following two people tha tweet 20/40 things per day is just too much, and not too many people can keep up all those tweets.

            + I can´t visit your link…

            • Karl says:

              Weird, works fine for me. Still, if you Google for tweetdeck tutorials, you should find loads about these functions. Hope that helps.

      • Ron Boracay says:

        If those 20 to 30 tweets are all valuable and contains information that serves my interest and help me out on my job, probably, I will love to read them all.

        Again, this is a case to case basis.

        • akira07 says:

          I have some active follower/following twitter friend. In a hour, their can do about 20-30x tweet.
          And as you said, since the tweet is valuable/giving information, it’s ok. But not all of my follower/following is do that.

          There is a member who tweet just like : “I’m on toilet reading magazine” or “On rainy days”. It’s not valuable at all, i hate it.

          But in one side, there is a member tweet 20-30x in a hour giving me information about contest or giveaway on internet. That’s valuable so i read it, that kind of tweet can’t be categorized as SPAM. One more time, it’s all based on “what the content of their tweet”, valuable or no…

    • Ron Boracay says:

      In what way does those hashtags preserves the tweet juice?

      • Karl says:

        Not sure about this, but… as Lindsay said, automatic retweeters pick up tweets about certain subjects and retweet them.

        If the only reference to the subject in the tweet is in the url, and you use a url shortener, you lose those retweets (this is what I meant by juice). If I recall correctly though, they also pick up hashtags.

        Plus, hashtags categorize the tweet and make it easier to search, so it’s a win even if you have a full url.

        • Ron Boracay says:

          I think Twitter just nofollowed all of their links including those trending topics (hashtags) and alike. Also, links from url shorteners are now nofollowed.


          Please give me more idea about preserving that juice. I am interested with that.

        • Andrew says:

          Hash tags are very important now that Google is indexing them and other RT search.

          You may not get direct link juice from a shortened URL but if your tweets fill the first page with your short URL you still get that traffic anyway.

          Then if your content is good, it may get rewteeted, and on it goes all over again.

          The hash tag is one of the best parts of the whole Twitter SEO experience. It’s not so much about the juice with twitter as it is about the CTR.

  • Sat Chen says:

    The tweetdeck looks interesting. But I don’t see the point of TweetSpinner.

    • akira07 says:

      Tweetspinner as stated on the article, give you data of twitter user who ever tweet using some keyword. The purpose of this application is, you can get more targetted people to be followed.

      Let say you love design, it’s more interesting if your friend is also love design. Tweetspinner is make you able to find the friend who love design.

      • ZXT says:

        Yes it will help you find those people with the same niche. Meaning you can follow those people who most likely be interested in what you will be tweeting and more chance to click your twitter links.

      • Andrew says:

        But I can do that with Twitters own search system, or tweetdeck, or a range of other applications like Twitter Friend Follower.

        Seems to be just another twitter app and there are already so many that just do the same things.

        At least with that app I just linked to up there, it does something very different. It doesn’t use API calls, it has an inbuilt browser so it’s not limited to the 100 API calls p/hour.

        In just a few mouse clicks and a few minutes I can find targeted followers based on keyword, or a number of other methods, unfollow non mutuals, send out automated tweets and more without concern for the number of activities that so many other apps are limited to.

        You can try it out for free with no strings attached. Seriously they don’t even ask for a credit card or any payment for the trial.

        • ZXT says:

          So in your opinion this is better than TweetSpinner? I already started using TweetSpinner but only for a couple of minutes, I don’t have enough time yet because I’m also familiarizing myself with TweetDeck at the moment.

          • Andrew says:

            ZXT, to be completely honest I’ve never tried tweet spinner but I do like this application a lot because it does everything I need it to do.

            • ZXT says:

              Andrew I’ve downloaded Twitter Friend Follower and installed it but when running the app I got an error saying “The application failed to initialize properly”

              I’m running Windows XP on this machine. I downloaded it again and reinstalled by same thing. Any ideas?

  • Ron Boracay says:

    Thanks for the tips Nick especially the Engagement one.

    I am wondering if using an auto direct message when someones follow you is a good thing?

    • ZXT says:

      I think yes. Just make it personal and like Thank Me Later make the message delay for a day.

      • Ron Boracay says:

        Delaying for 1 day I think is too much. I mean, why not delay it for just few hours only. In that way, the person who follows you might think that, you are active and really cares about your followers.

        • ZXT says:

          For me delaying for 1 day is alright. You don’t have to be online 24 hours a day, and your follower wouldn’t mind it I guess.

          If I were to follow someone, I don’t mind if the thank you note comes after 24 hours, like when I get “Thank you for the comment” emails.

    • akira07 says:

      I want to make engagement with all people in my twitter list. But dunno why but i can’t send dm to some people on my following list.

      • Andrew says:

        DM is a bad source of spam and it can be turned off. If you can’t send a DM then that person is not accepting them.

        • ZXT says:

          Now thats explains why. I keep on sending DM message to a couple of people last night on Tweetdeck and it just won’t go through. I didn’t know you can turn it off.

        • Ron Boracay says:

          Yep, and they are not following you that’s why you can’t send them Direct Messages (DM).

          But there is another way around, just mention their name with @ sign so they will know that the message is for them.,

  • ZXT says:

    I think its normal for Twitter users to Tweet 10-20/day. Just don’t make it all in 1 hour and I’m fine with it.

    • akira07 says:

      Even 50 tweet per day is OK since the tweet is usefull and not spam, and as you said that it should be spreaded over the time in a day. It’s so annoying when i find member is make about 20-30 tweet just in a hour, it’s just fulfilled my twitter wall (sorry, i’m borrowing a term from facebook :P)

    • Andrew says:

      ZXT I agree with you completely. Some of the people I follow send way more than that and it’s often useful info that I’ll want to take a look at.

  • akira07 says:

    Anyone ever heard about twitthis? Its so helpfull especially for you who want to make twitter contest. For detail, you can go here :

    • Andrew says:

      akira I think you are addicted to online contests.

      I’ve tried twitthis and I thought it was pretty crap to be honest. Some people like it but I don’t want to do my RT through it and if I don’t I lose all my credits.

      That’s just dumb IMO.

    • Ron Boracay says:

      I think I will pass on this one Akira, you can’t control what you can tweet here. So meaning, some tweets that the site will generate might ruin your reputation .

  • Joe says:

    Hey Nick,
    I use a tool called SocialOomph which recently changed its name from TweetLater. Personally I think the new name is kind of corny :-) Nevertheless, SocialOomph allows me to set up tweets ahead of time. This is invaluable to me because I run an affiliate marketing website, not a blog, and setting up tweets in advance allows me to focus and spend time on my true passion, which is web design, and true design takes a lot more time than filling in the blanks on a blog template.

    Indeed, some may see this as spam, but I pull no punches and make no apologies. My Twitter profile clearly states that I’m into marketing my favorites, and my followers know this ahead of time and are free to choose which of my tweet suggestions they care to click on to learn more. Besides, SocialOomph strictly follows Twitter spam rules and won’t allow you to post more than 12 tweets per hour, and to be on the safe side, I’ll tweet half that amount.

    SocialOomph also has features that automatically send direct messages to new followers, as well as a feature to un-follow. However, I have the un-follow feature turned off, for I prefer to hand-pick those I follow, as well as those to un-follow. To me that’s a more personal approach than letting some program make those decisions for you based simply on keywords. I’ve only been on Twitter for about 45 days and have about 1500 followers. Not the highest numbers, but slow and steady wins the race?

    I also use Tweetdeck which I agree is pretty cool. The only problem for me is having my browsers open (I run a few simultaneously to constantly check my design), Dreamweaver, Photoshop, email, and so forth, by the time I open Tweetdeck, my system resources start to drain! However, Tweetdeck’s notification feature is great, letting you know if you’ve been mentioned or received a direct message in real time, and the notification will pop-up over whatever program is the focus on your desktop.

    By no means do I suggest that others follow my lead if they hope to make a lot of money using Twitter, for rich I am not. I’m just suggesting a tool that has helped me in my workflow and maybe it would have a place for others, too.

    On the contrary, if all the Twitter users who wanted to “help me” make money, get more followers, improve my standing, etc. would just send me a nickle, then I would truly be wealthy and I’d be able to retire tomorrow! LOL

    • Andrew says:

      Joe I also use tweelater. I’d like to get the upgrade but I just can’t justify the monthly cost for the return I get from twitter.

      It is a great system though for automating tweets. Especially for since twitter gets most of its action when I am asleep so I often setup my bit.ly’s and my tweets in advance, go to bed, and check my stats the next morning.

      It work out really great.

      • Joe says:

        I’m with you, Andrew. Though I’ve checked out the upgrade, at the time there weren’t enough additional features that I needed, or features I wasn’t already making use of with other free apps, to justify the additional expense.

        However, I noticed in the last week, SocialOomph (TweetLater) expanded and now offers more features for paying customers. Will I upgrade? Time will tell :-)

        • Andrew says:

          Well I’ve been a bit of a slacker on twitter lately and admittedly I haven’t logged into tweelater in about 2 or 3 weeks.

          I guess I should go and see if there is any extra benefit since the upgrade.

          Maybe they can convince me to spend some money with them.

  • Julie Bavington says:

    I love using Tweetdeck and am happy with the upgrades from this week. It’s so nice to hear the tweet update and to have all the columns on one page with no searching. Thanks for the article… and for the comments. I’ll have to check our some of the other applications too!

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah the updates this week were great. Finally I can minimize to the tray. For me that was one of the big drawbacks of previous versions.

      But I don’t like that they’ve removed the URL shortener area from the interface.

  • Mukund says:

    I never used any one these applications expect the followers widget. I think it is time to try out other apps too!

  • Indo Contest says:

    I’m using HootSuite…
    The best one… ;)

    • Andrew says:

      I tried hootsuite and in all honesty I just didn’t get what all the buzz is about it. I found tweelater (socialoomph) to have more features available for both free and paid users.

  • @Elie_P says:

    “Then I can also unfollow people who have not followed me back”

    This is the biggest fail you could do. Why are you following people, just so that they follow you back? And then what? There is no interest, and i’m about sure you’ll regret this when you’re following column will be full of s@#|t

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      @Elie_P –> Now I disagree with you on this point. The number 1 thing that I look for on Twitter is genuine connection…real two-way communications. I want to share ideas and have ideas shared with me. If someone is only looking to put out their own info at me but don’t want to accept my ideas or input then it’s not a real conversation. If you look at my twitter stream you will notice that the majority of my tweets are communications with other people. I have a few auto tweets about my articles and stuff but the majority of my tweets are my communications amongst real people.

      • ZXT says:

        I guess it’s different for everyone. Some people follow someone because they want to know their Tweets and everything without expecting that same person will follow back. Say I follow Shaq because his tweets are funny and sometimes I get information from NBA thats not yet available in public outside of Twitter.

        But there are also a case of I follow so I can connect to that person. Like I follow Arisu so I can connect to her to connect back.

        • Arisu says:

          Well, with all the things you can do on twitter it´s up to each one to choose what to do.

          Many people follow others to get news and valuable information, but most of them won´t be tweeting anything at all (I think the stats were that only 10% of the people on twitter have active accounts). Other people wants to meet new people and chat, and in those cases is ok to only follow the people that follows you back. There´s also the ones that want to publicize their sites and products.

          And you can always choose to do all of this.

    • Andrew says:

      I’m not naive about it. Yes there are some people who will end up on my list that tweet nothing but crap and obviously I’ll unfollow them. That then leaves me with a bunch of people who tweet useful information.

      As Nick has pointed out though Twitter is about connecting with people. Now there is no requirement to follow back but I think that’s kind of rude as well to ignore people who are trying to connect with you.

      Follow the Dalai Lama and he’ll follow you back, same with Tony Robbins, Andy Andrews and so many other great, famous and popular people.

      If I met you in a pub, I started a conversation with you then you totally ignored me then I wouldn’t continue trying to connect with you.

      I take the same approach with social media and social networks.

      • Arisu says:


        That´s true, just because they aren´t in front of you that doesn´t give you a reason to be impolite.

        And having trash or not in your twitter account doesn´t have anything to do with not following people that won´t follow back.

  • David King says:

    Great post!

    I think that one thing that is important is a custom designed background… a picture that is a close up of you smiling.

    Also the bio should be “who you are and what you do” and be balanced so people don’t think your trying to sell them something…

    great article thanks!


    • Ron Boracay says:

      I think background don’t affect that much in terms of becoming an effective twitterer.

      But, I value much the pictures, the bio and of course the kind of tweets you will tweet.

      Tweeting something serious can be too boring, so I mix it up with some humorous thing I found on the net.

      That way, my followers can enjoy what I tweet.

  • Ron Boracay says:

    I am now using Brizzly.com as a twitter tool of mine. It was still in the beta state but it looks cool for me.

    Ow, I followed Andrew and Joe.

    Err, if anyone interested, here’s mine:


  • ZXT says:

    @Joe: I’m following you now.

    If anyone care to follow me I guess its about time I post my Twitter link here too.


    See you there.

  • George Serradinho says:

    Some nice tools. I use Uber Twitter on my phone. It has nice apps to include normal tweets as well as video and pictures. Would be nice if you added this app to your post, just my opinion.

    • ZXT says:

      George how do you connect thru the internet from your phone? Is Uber Twitter works withj Windows Mobile phones? I have an HTC Touch runing on WM 6.1 and I use wifi connecting to the internet.

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      George Serradinho –> I’m definitely looking into all the apps that people have brought to the table and then a month or so from now I’ll go back over this and repost it as “10 Tools etc…” and use all the feedback that everyone provided. I find a lot of wisdom in suggestions from you and people like you. We’ll definitely get that one into a post soon.

  • ZXT says:

    I just download and starting to use TweetDeck and I am shocked to see those “mentions” I’ve missed. There were more than a dozen mentions and re tweets that I didn’t knew exist. How do I miss those when using Twitter via their website?

    • Andrew says:

      ZXT there is a link just under you bio on your twitter page that you can see your mentions.

      You won’t be needing it now though since you’ve harnessed the power of tweetdeck.

      • ZXT says:

        -> Andrew, I can not find it.

        All I see is


        Oh wait…now I get it. It’s my username that I need to click where there’s the @ sign then my username. Thanks for pointing it out Nick, this is useful too from another computer without TweetDeck.

  • Reza Winandar says:

    Great reviews, but still, this is useless for me. Maybe in the future I will need this.

  • Blake @ props blog ideas says:

    I really liked your final recommendation called engagment. I think that is what separates the spammers from real users.
    Do you think that retweeting other’s aritciles is considered spammy if you are actually reading the articles and enjoying them? Sometimes I fear that I retweet too many things (it is my nature to talk about the things I like and give them props)

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      Blake @ props blog ideas –> No. Absolutely I don’t. Your twitter stream is your way to express what you love, what you hate, what you are reading, etc. If you are posting things that are real to you nobody should consider you as a spammer. And you’ll probably make a lot of friends by retweeting their work. I know that I always love to get a retweet.

  • Harsh Agrawal says:

    Another tools which I use are Twitterbar and tweetlater.
    Earlier one helps me to tweet any interesting article with just one click of mouse…
    Another one automate my profile like automatic adding new followers , unfollow new unfollowers , sending DM to new followers and so on…

  • Serious Monday Roundup #11 says:

    […] 5 Tools to Power Up Your Twitter Influence – If you want to successfully connect with people and drive more traffic to your site then I highly recommend that you add a few of these tools to your arsenal. […]

  • Coop says:

    I recently started using Tweetdeck and it definitely has had a positive impact on how I use Twitter. I am still trying to figure out how to better engage others though. I guess my initial thought is that by doing it wrong I will come off as annoying or my comments unwanted. So I rarely do it.

    Wondering – what are some suggestions you all have for how to engage your audience on Twitter and really become part of the conversations? Are RTs a good place to start?
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: Be Prepared for Day Hikes =-.

  • Felix says:

    I tried TweetDeck and really find it very convenient to use whenever you are looking twits that best interest you w/o the hassle of logging-in with the browser. Its like a real time chat room that you can easily view the responses of your followers or people you followed. The problem is “my time.” I am too busy to attend to the twits but love to have the conversations via TweetDeck whenever I find time. BTW great posts from you again, thanks!
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: Customize Your 404 Page for Better User Experience =-.

  • King Sidharth in Meditation says:

    Thanks for sharing awesome tips nick. I was much in need of this one. Always wondered how to increase my twitter potential. And I love the way you you share your personal experiences.
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: World Aids Day – I Will Be Human =-.

  • Rich Baker Social Media says:

    Great post thank you! My favourite tool has to be Klout.com; it tells me how influential I am and makes suggestions on how I can improve. I blog about it here http://rich-baker.com/2010/01/04/chris-moyles-lily-allen-top-twitter-influencers/
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: Chris Moyles, Lily Allen among Top Twitter Influencers =-.

  • Akash Kumar says:

    I am not doing very well with Twitter still learning the ways to promote my articles via Twitter. Thanks, I am looking forward to use these tools.

  • Soccer Distro says:

    appreciate it to the write-up. This information features prolonged
    I had been searching on the internet and When i ultimately identified this.
    We lose time waiting for some other useful
    content articles, however i want to question this information?

  • Arisu says:


    Of course I´ll follow I need people to tweet with :D
    And I gues it has been used since it´s launch, but it´s not as popular as facebook… actually it´s not even in the top 10 sites of some of the most representative countries of Latin America: http://identidadgeek.com/los-sitios-mas-visitados-de-habla-hispana/2008/12/

  • ZXT says:

    Actually if you gonna check Alexa, Twitter isn’t in the top 10 for the whole world. Its top 14 only and top 12 in the US so its not surprising its not in the top 10 too in Europe.

  • Joe says:

    On Twitter my address is http://twitter.com/JoePicksaWinner
    Thanks for asking, ZXT! I’d be happy if you followed me. I’ve already followed you :-)

  • Andrew says:

    If anyone wants to follow me feel free. I use auto follow so no need to leave me your link just follow and my system will follow you back.


  • Sat Chen says:

    I don’t get why having more followers is a big deal. I would rather just tweet about what I feel is important, and let people follow me if they want.

  • Ron Boracay says:

    The more followers you have means, more and more people are interested to you and to your tweets. It reflects your twitter authority and influence.

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

    Sat Chen –> As bloggers we want to let as many people as we can know about our sites. We want to drive traffic to view our articles and interact with us. From a purely marketing perspective the more followers we have is equal to more opportunities to present our website to people.

  • ZXT says:

    Sat Chen -> I think 99 percent of people on the internet with blogs, sites or social networking accounts wants the world to know what they are doing or wants some visits to their blogs/sites.

    This is the whole concept of internet, to interact that why it is call World Wide Web.

    Now if you don’t intend to let other people to know you blog articles, tweets, or what not then its pretty useless to post it.

    In case of Tweeter, if you don’t have a follower then no one is seeing your Tweets. It’s like talking to yourself.

  • Karl says:

    Ron: Followers:authority doesn’t sound right to me; in the sense that you can get a high number of followers just by getting followed back by people you follow, even if you don’t actually tweet – a lot of people don’t bother to unfollow.

    Retweets:authority *feels* like a better match, if there is such a thing – it means that your followers like your tweets and actively spread them.

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

    Karl –> I agree. I think that is a good point. Hopefully as you grow your follower number you are also taking the time to grow your relationships with each of your followers. By doing that you can then grow the retweet ratio. Great point there, Karl.

  • ZXT says:

    And by using Tweet Spinner you can actually follow people (and hopefully yhey follow you back) with the same interest as you are. Making your Tweets more chance to get read and maybe clicked if you include a link.

    And of course, re-tweeted.

  • Arisu says:

    Actually a lot of people follow fake profiles of Presidents and celebrities, just cause they´re funny and doesn´t make them “authorities” on anything.

    Retweets are a better way to measure “authority” … but twitter is so complex, that even that can/or can not mean a thing.

  • ZXT says:

    I’m one of them Arisu. Sometimes, those fake profiles are better to follow than those real ones.

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