Increase Your Subscriber List Using A Squeeze Page

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  • November 15, 2012

Traffic generation forms a large part in an internet marketer’s desire to create income online, and obviously there are numerous ways of achieving that. One such method is using a squeeze page to build a list of emails which can subsequently be used to promote a promote products and services. What this article focuses on is how to create a squeeze page.

The Elements of Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is essentially a one-page website, setup to encourage visitors to supply their email addresses by offering something that is of great value to them. Thereafter, offers of products and services can be made to the subscribers. Typically, the elements of a squeeze page are:

  • The heading. A great heading cannot be underestimated, and it must grab the visitor’s attention. Having it in red and bold often works best. There are no set ways to doing it, and it can depend on the type of product or service being offered.
  • Sub heading. The sub heading acts as a support to the heading and it should be pertinent to the product or service being offered.
  • Benefits to the visitor for supplying their email. Invariably, a report or e-book works very well, and it serves as a good reason for the visitor to sign up.
  • A call to action is a proposition made to the visitor to encourage them to opt-in. It is important to make this as clear and simple as possible. That is often the final stage to get them to submit their email address.

Request Visitor’s Information

The opt-in element of the squeeze page should be simple and easy to understand. Be mindful that it is not always necessary to obtain very personal information from the visitor, unless of course they are expected to purchase a product. Visitors are very wary and sometimes suspicious about submitting personal details, so it is imperative that they are given every assurance that the information they submit will not be divulged or used inappropriately. Establishing an element of trust is paramount. The visitor’s name and email address often suffice.

Appeal to the Visitor’s Emotions

It is not advisable to include links on the squeeze page that will lead them away from the page. That defeats the purpose the of exercise of focusing on the page and opt-in for a list. The call to action must be succinct. The content must appeal to the emotions of the visitor, and get them to act promptly without much hesitation. Incorporating graphics and/or videos on the page can enhance the look and feel, but the page must look professional. Incorporating is another way to encourage them to opt-in. Avoid creating a long squeeze page, preferably limited to a single page, and just as importantly, it must not contain a sales pitch! Give a summary of the benefits, emphasizing why they need the offer you are making.


An autoresponders is quite beneficial in continuing the email list building process. The framework involves automating functions such as sending out emails and videos, linking content via social networks including metrics for analysing the effectiveness of the campaign.

The purpose of the autoresponders is to establish a rapport with subscribers, providing them with useful information about products and services, which will inevitably encourage them to re-visit the website. A popular autoresponder is Aweber, and it is very effective in automating the various tasks involved in a campaign.

After a visitor has subscribed to an email list, it is often advisable to show some appreciation for doing so by sending them an email, thanking them for subscribing. It is worth emphasizing that offers of purchase should not be made at this stage.

Where to Find Examples of Squeeze Page

A great source of squeeze examples is Clickbank, the popular product bank of digital products for affiliates and vendors. Simply click on Marketplace and enter a search term in the Search Products box relevant to specific niche, and browse through the selection. There are considerable number of templates from which to choose, which will serve as a good basis on which to work.

Creating a database of opt-in subscribers is a great source for future campaigns to promote products and services. Squeeze pages specific to a niche can be created mainly for that purpose. The incredible thing about creating such a database is that it can be utilized for campaigns that do not necessarily fall in the same niche. However, be mindful that overuse of the list can be detrimental, resulting in unhappy subscribers who might elect to unsubscribe from the list.


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