How to Write a Killer Elevator Pitch

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  • March 18, 2010

When I started writing my elevator pitch for my blog, I wondered why an elevator pitch is so important, so I didn’t write a single word of it. Later on I got to thinking why I should. An elevator pitch helps you to find out what your blog is really about. This might sound odd, but you will maybe be able to find a new side of your blog that you haven’t seen before – or maybe even a new future.

It will take time to create your elevator pitch, especially if this is your first elevator pitch. The basic principle of your 30 second business model is to give a brief overview of your blog. You see, if you meet a person in your niche in an elevator ride. You have a relatively short time span to get your message out.

You are familiar with the term speed-dating right? It is simple, a date which is quite short. 3-8 minutes, speed daters usually have an elevator pitch to get started with the date, also to get their point across quickly. This is also why you want to have your elevator pitch ready: to get your point across quickly.

Back to the elevator ride with the person. When you have told your pitch, you will give the person in the elevator your card. If your 30 second pitch was good and unique then the person will definitely remember you.

How to Write a Killer Elevator Pitch

  1. You want to find the goal/objective of your blog, earn a referral, make a sale or anything else.
  2. Write a story, doesn’t have to be short (you can shorten it later.) The story should illustrate what you do, how you help people or what ever you do.
  3. What do you do? Write that down in 3 statements, pick the best.
  4. Write 3 different pitches to, look at them. Decide which one is best (try to do so tomorrow too)
  5. You will now have a pitch. You now want to cut for all the unnecessary words.

With these steps you should have absolutely no problem crafting your own elevator pitch, easily. The most important thing when writing your elevator pitch is to make it unique. If you write a unique pitch, you will easily get remembered.

If the person you tell your elevator pitch to gets 20 pitches during a conference day, they will not remember everyone’s pitches. That is why your pitch has to be incredibly effective and unique.

The best thing about these elevator pitches, is that you can actually use it everywhere. Let’s say you need to find a new tagline from your blog. If you can shorten down your business model to around 130 words, then you are able to shorten it into an even shorter tagline. It is quite easy. In the end a good elevator pitch is just to know what you want and to have a good marketing plan.

Ways to Get to Talk About Your Elevator Pitch

When you have your elevator pitch ready and is totally ready to test it on people, you can easily start. The easiest way to do that is to ask them “What do you do?” – if, of course, you don’t know them.

You simply have to introduce yourself. “Hi I’m [name] – I do this and this” etc. Even though it seems awkward. Of course you do not need to be in an elevator to tell people your elevator pitch. Remember it is you entire business model in 130 words which means that you can tell every one about it.

People’s time is too limited today, that is why we need to be clear and targeted when we write and tell our elevator pitch. Your blog will improve in the marketing angle. If you have this unique pitch, which people will remember you will be so much more able to build an ongoing relationship with the person you meet in life.

If you are considering writing an elevator pitch for people to send via text, then I want you to be careful, it is much harder to convince people about your business on text than it is face-to-face, but you can use your elevator pitch to write to an up and coming partner or whatever.

You will always be able to improve your elevator pitch, of course. You will have to change your elevator pitch as the time moves on. You will change your business model over time, so you will also have to change your elevator pitch. It is absolutely not easy to summarise your blog or business in 130 words. Try to get started writing it today.


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