How to Build an Awesome Online Presence

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  • June 2, 2010

I love branding, especially personal branding in the digital life. A lot of bloggers produce excellent content, but they don’t care about the branding aspect, and it shows.

Their design is bland.Their overall message is inconsistent.In short – their entire brand is one disjointed vase of duct-taped pieces. Don’t let this happen to you.

Everyone says that content is king, yeah, it’s burned into our consciousness by now. But it isn’t entirely true anymore – our web galaxy changes, and it changes fast – at the speed of light. There’s so much brilliant content out there – the noise is getting louder and louder by the minute. Content isn’t the sole owner – your overall package is.

Create a personal branding package.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be rich and handsome to make a splash in the online world (although that helps), no, with enough passion to melt metal and a desire for endless growth, you can make miracles happen. Yep, I’m that positive, but keep in mind – you need some tactics for doing the branding magic, let me show you mine:

  • Find your story. I want to help other bloggers. It’s ok, but it’s also generic and bland as heck.The fire is missing with that one, and you need to bring it back. A great story/mission holds your brand together: it compresses the entire value into a hopefully awesome tagline. It can establish an emotional connection with your audience, because people love personal stories and go-getters with an inspiring mission. Make sure it fits your style. Make it concise. And most importantly, make it inspiring.

Mine is: To make the world more creative, one idea at a time. What’s yours ?

  • Worry about your design. This site has great content – but it’s also backed up by an awesome design. Too many bloggers only care about their posts, and it’s a digital shame. A great design will dramatically enhance your blog experience – in fact, awesome design will even improve mediocre content – the eyes perceive the whole package. You can even go higher and base your style on your brand colors – maximizing the impact of you.
  • Use a logo and love it more than your mother. Another design aspect. A glorious logo is a super-duper way of invading human consciousness and branding it with your desired perception.

A simple but powerful logo can help you massively.

Create one. Make it simple. Use only 2-3 colors. Take an icon or your initials. Once you have it, smash it on every digital space you can get your hungry hands on. Images, Avatars, your newsletter. Spread your branding and go wild.

  • Find your own voice and create unique content. There’s no competition if you sharpen your inner edges. Let your entire voice flow into your posts – totally brand them with your personality. If you delete your name and let me read the first paragraph, would I still be able to recognize it, simply because you style is obvious ? If no, make it so. It’s essential.
  • Spread effectively. Everyone says that you should be everywhere, but unless you leverage teleportation, you have to be more strategic. Use your main social media force of power, and completely dominate it. Mine is Twitter, and I use it excessively. Choose your main hubs and be overly present – become a part of their community. 5 – 10 (semi) popular blogs work fine. Engage, inspire, and engage. Rinse and repeat.
  • Always help a blogger in need. My favorite personal brands in the web have great communities, and that’s a reason why they are great in the first place. When someone tweets for help, sends you an email or posts an asking comment , take some time and provide value, no matter who’s asking. Become a leader by example – and share your knowledge.
  • Have fun. Needless to say ? I don’t think so. Only use advice that you plan on implementing. There are gazillions of useful tips out there, some tactics work for you, some don’t. If everyone tells you to optimize for SEO, and you hate that like the plague, then drop it. Only use advice that you enjoy using. It’s so much more powerful.

I follow these principles like the 10 commandments. Remember, every blogger starts as an invisible cloudlet of air. Only with burning persistence, and a desire for web domination, you will slowly burn your personal brand into our global consciousness and leave your mark on the net map.

I know you can do it – we all can. Let’s buckle up and keep that fire illuminating the sky.


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