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How to Write a Killer Elevator Pitch

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When I started writing my elevator pitch for my blog, I wondered why an elevator pitch is so important, so I didn’t write a single word of it. Later on I got to thinking why I should. An elevator pitch helps you to find out what your blog is really about. This might sound odd, but you will maybe be able to find a new side of your blog that you haven’t seen before –…

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Clinch the Deal by Opening Strong

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Open with your best joke. It’s a fundamental piece of advice I give my students as a comedy coach. Virtually all stand-up comics adhere to this philosophy. I implore you to watch one perform their act and see how often it’s true. The funniest joke of their set will likely be their first one. But why is this the case and how does this concept relate directly to blogging? First impressions set the bar for…

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How to Create Content for Casual Readers

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Internet surfers are looking for access to fast, easy-to-find information. They don’t want to spend any extra time searching for information. They want to find what they’re looking for so that they can move on and get back to whatever else they have to do as quickly as possible. When a reader lands on one of our articles, most aren’t going to take the time to read the entire thing. I know that I rarely…

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The 11 Fastest Ways to Kill Your Blog

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If you ever wanted to kill your blog and had no idea on what to do, then you are in luck. Compiled below are 11 sweet and fast ways of killing your blog. Write A Post A Month Or A Post In 2 Months: This is a very fast way of killing your blog. It reduces activity and tells Google spiders “don’t come near my blog”. Use Great Titles That Don’t Deliver: A lot of…

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The 5 Keys to Creating Wildly Popular Content

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A few days ago I published an article called The 15 Best WordPress Plugins for 2010. That article quickly became very popular. It received hundreds of retweets. It secured hundreds of delicious bookmarks.  It had over 100 comments on it by the morning after it was published and it’s still receiving new comments each day.  It even spiked my visitor count by the thousands. It brought a lot of attention to Site Sketch 101. In…

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How to Stop Boring Your Readers To Sleep

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I’ve seen your site. I clicked a link and came face to face with your home page. As soon as I landed there I searched frantically for something that I could at least pretend was interesting but I just couldn’t find it. My head smashed into my keyboard as my body convulsed into instantaneous sleep. I believe in usability testing. What’s that mean? It means that you find a user who has never seen your…

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The Importance of Kicking Puppies

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Salacious Titles, Controversial Content, and Maintaining Credibility I love to write headlines.  Loud, in your face, attention grabbing headlines. But most of the time I don’t.  It is rare that they fit the kind of content I like to write, and rarer that I can back up some screaming attention grabber like “Panda Bear Meat to Supplant Beef in 2012” with a story that actually merits that headline. So the question is do you court…

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Writing for Real People (Part 2)

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This week we’re continuing to explore the idea of writing for real people.  Last week in Writing for Real People (Part 1), we looked at what it means to write for real people and why it’s so important.  This week we’re exploring how to get the job done in a way that compels readers to keep reading our material. If you’re reading this article in your email or in your RSS reader then be sure…

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Ow! Ow! It’s So Boring, It Hurts My Head!

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Hey.  I was just reading your blog and I got so bored that it actually hurt my head. It was so bad that it made Moby Dick, Herman Melville’s 2,000 page epic about a whale, look like an exciting children’s fairytale. In fact, I’d rather be hanging out with Chuck Noland, Tom Hanks’ character from Castaway, trapped on a deserted island with nobody to talk to except for a volleyball named Wilson. After reading your…

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