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The Mindset of An Aspiring Young Writer

By | The Written Word | 41 Comments

There’s a fatal flaw in the mindset of most bloggers. Far too few seem to realize that at the heart of blogging is your ability to write. The more that you develop that skill then the more that you’ll be able to draw in your audiences and the more that you’ll be able to move them with your prose. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but it’s well worth repeating: I have people ask…

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What is your passion driving you to write?

By | The Written Word | 71 Comments

Be true to who you are and share what your passions truly inspire you to write. If you’re compelled to write on something wildly confrontational, then don’t you dare shy away even if the aggressive hordes of hell itself howl and rage against you. If your passion fuels you to write something calm and passive, then don’t worry if not a single living soul affords it so much as a casual glance. All across the…

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The Sand Castle Guide to Remarkable Content

By | The Written Word | 17 Comments

Imagine you’re strolling down the beach and you see a row of decent looking sand castles; they draw your interest momentarily, but don’t really wow you. Then, suddenly, you come across a sand castle that’s so meticulous, it takes your breath away and you’re compelled to sit down and take a closer look at it. Blogs consistently building magnificent sand castles are the ones that are going to attract the largest audiences. Blogs that build…

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Developing Compelling & Engaging Content

By | The Written Word | 48 Comments

Regardless of the topic or goals of your blog or website, you need solid content to fill your site. You’re looking for something that has the potential to really go viral. You’re hoping for a subject that will really incite people to leave comments and join the conversation. You don’t just want to add content in an effort to meet an artificially important quota; you want meaningful and substantial content. In the world of blogging…

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6 Simple Steps To Killer Blog Interviews

By | The Written Word | 36 Comments

One way to gain exposure to your blog is to start doing interviews. I know, I know… you don’t wanna get on the phone.. What if I told you, you don’t have to. If you’re thinking doing interviews takes a lot of work and time – think again! In this post I’m going to be sharing with you 6 simple steps to interviewing any expert you want. But these aren’t your regular phone interviews that…

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How Do You Ignite Your Creative Passions?

By | The Written Word | 19 Comments

Each day I find myself becoming more convinced that bloggers need to be more creative. Too many people are jumping in and following what they see everyone else doing but they’re failing to really take their online experiences to the highest possible levels. They’re…excuse me…you’re failing because you refuse to be creative. I’m constantly asking myself questions like these, “How can I be more creative at Site Sketch 101? How can I do something that…

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Say Goodbye to Writer’s Block with Plinky

By | The Written Word | 23 Comments

Writer’s block. It feels paralyzing as you stare a blank page waiting for the words in your head to create sentences that make sense. If there was only something that would spark a thought to get the creative juices going and the fingers walking across the keyword. WordPress.com has come to the rescue! Automattic, the creators of WordPress.com has acquired Plinky, an app that seeks to end writer’s block forever by prompting users with a…

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Do You Know How to Convince Your Readers?

By | The Written Word | 13 Comments

Becoming an authority in your area of expertise, is about making people believe in what you are saying to them. There will be sometimes that you have to communicate very interesting ideas and others where your ideas will just be mediocre. Even the best blogging experts in the world have bad or average ideas. However, what they know very well is how to disguise their writings so that readers feel enthusiastic, even without any real…

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7 Keys to Becoming a Prolific Blogger

By | The Written Word | 22 Comments

The word prolific means producing abundant works or results. As bloggers, we want to be able to produce a plethora of useful, meaty articles about topics within our respective niches. I want to be able to produce well written articles on blogging and website design that are so dynamic that people flock from around the web to read them. I want to be able to produce article after article that meets needs, delivers information, teaches…

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Group Discussion: Post Length vs. Post Value

By | The Written Word | 33 Comments

Have we forgotten that blogging is about adding value to the lives of our readers? As authors, we’re not working tirelessly toward hitting that big, shiny publish button simply to say that we’ve put out another article. We’re doing it because we have something to say…and because what we have to say is important. Let that mindset fuel your writing style and let it determine the length of your posts. If you’re continuing to write…

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