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Get Inspired And Release Your Inner Writer Part 1

By | The Written Word | 25 Comments

Do you get a bit stressed out when you have to get some articles written? If you’re a blogger or a small business owner who has an online presence, you pretty much already know the importance of creating quality content for your site. Writing is necessary to connect with your audience. It’s also essential for content placement which will help the overall marketing strategy and when optimizing your pages to rank higher in the search…

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The Most Valuable “How To” Lesson of my Copywriting Career

By | The Written Word | 20 Comments

It’s 1986, 25 years ago. Grab your Wayfarers. Toss on those screaming neon yellow parachute pants you’ll never give to Goodwill, and time travel with me for a few minutes as the soothing sounds of Lionel Richie ooze from our speakers. We’ve arrived. We’re in a conference room in an ad agency with brass and glass all around. In class with me are 12 folks who want to be advertising copywriters when they grow up,….

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Cut Out the Deadwood In Your Writing

By | The Written Word | 24 Comments

Short, clear and concise. No matter what you’re writing, that should be your goal. Back when I was a journalism undergrad (we’ll just skip over exactly how far back that was) one of my professors made it her personal goal in life to eliminate the phrase “in order to” from my writing. She had good reason. I used the phrase everywhere, and it weighed down my pages. The phrase is deadwood, word clutter that can…

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5 Powerful Tips for Writing Great Articles

By | The Written Word | 19 Comments

You’ve heard it time and time again – “Content is king.” If your website is lacking in original content, it’s lacking in the value it provides to visitors. And if your visitors get no value from your site, what incentive do they have to return to it? That’s why it’s such a crucial element of every website. But great content doesn’t just have to be blog posts. It could be learning center articles on a…

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5 Powerful Keys to Becoming a Better Writer

By | The Written Word | 37 Comments

Contrary to popular spam sites, becoming successful doesn’t happen overnight or at the click of a purchase of my amazing, get-rich-quick program for only $2,499.99. In fact, becoming a better writer is far more about the journey than the destination, so take your time. Let these principles become a part of who you and you’ll see rapid growth in your ability to write more effectively. Find Yourself At some point, you’ve probably heard a musician…

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The Writer’s Challenge #1: The Use of Humor

By | The Written Word | 17 Comments

There are very few ways to improve your ability to blog more drastically than by improving your ability to write. And although I often hear folks talking about finding your voice, I find it more true that the best writers are those who have a diverse array of tools in their writing arsenal. Today, we’ll be looking at one of those tools: humor. The Challenge I would like to invite each of you to participate…

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15 Tips to Awesome, Eye-Jerking Post Titles

By | The Written Word | 90 Comments

Post titles are drastically under rated. Most bloggers fail to realize that their post title is the number one advertisements for each of their articles. An article’s title has to put on the gloves and go head-to-head with dozens of other post titles in people’s RSS readers, email accounts, search engines, Facebook timelines and Twitter streams. It’s your job to get your post title ready to perform like the champ it has the potential to be….

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The Basics of Copyrighting Courtesies

By | The Written Word | 62 Comments

Over the past week, I’ve discovered content from Site Sketch 101 being published elsewhere around the internet. I first discovered this while doing some research to see how well I was ranking for some keywords I was targeting on Google. When I typed the phrase into Google, I discovered that someone else with an article of the same title was ranking for that phrase. I decided to click through to see what they had that…

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A Review of Allison Boyer’s “Out of Thin Air”

By | The Written Word | 23 Comments

I just finished reading an amazing book by Allison Boyer. As I read Out of Thin Air, a must-read guide to successful freelancing,I was taken aback at the amazing and incredibly practical lessons that she had to share. Although Alli shares with us wisdom that comes only from years of freelance writing experience, her tone is one of humility, sharing even the mistakes she has made and urging us to learn and do better. Her lessons…

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