6 Killer Tips For Choosing A Great Blog Post Topic

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  • May 14, 2013

One of the most common problems for bloggers is writers block, and deciding on what to choose for their next blog post topic.

Not only do you need to come up with a good topic, you also need to write a great article about that topic. Its not good enough to merely slap something together and expect people to retweet and share it.

Here are my my six best tips to help you choose a great blog post topic that will do your blog justice:

1. Be Relevant

Write about a topic that is relevant or congruent to the main topic or niche that the blog is focused on.

If your blog is based on photography, then don’t write about football. Congruency is vital on your blog, if you want to keep your readers.

You should have chosen a specific niche or industry as your blog’s main theme, and it is important to limit your blog posts to topics that are closely related to this niche.

If you have not chosen a specific niche for your blog, then you should possibly consider starting from scratch. Unless you are a well known celebrity, you will really struggle to have people revisit your website if the blog posts are on completely different subjects.

Always keep your blog posts on topic.

2. Be In Demand

Write about topics that are in demand by people, not JUST topics that you are personally interested in.

This is probably the most common mistake that amateur bloggers make. What is the point of writing blog posts if you are the only person that is interested in reading them.

Google Trends and Twitter Search are two excellent websites to use to discover what people are currently searching for. This is especially useful for blogs that are based on news and current events.

The Google Keyword Tool is an excellent free tool to search for suitable keyword phrases to base a blog post topic around. You can learn about keyword research by clicking here.

The point here is that if you are a new blogger that is  just getting started, don’t just write about things that are on your mind, or just choose any topic randomly.

3. Be Original

Never copy exact headlines and content from other people

Be original and come up with your own blog post topics to write about. It is ok to get ideas from other people, but don’t copy the headline and the content word for word.

It is not worth risking getting in trouble by stealing other peoples work. The penalties for plagarism can be quite severe in some cases.

There is nothing wrong with looking around to see what other people are doing, and what is popular though.

4. Be A Problem Solver

Try your best to base your blog post topic around problems that people are currently experiencing, and offer them solutions.

The most searched for content on the internet is based around solutions to problems that people are experiencing. These days if people are having any sort of ongoing problem, they are most likely to be doing research on the internet.

“How To Articles” are extremely popular if you choose something that is a common problem, but has few (if any) solutions online. You can easily rank highly on search engines if you write these types of articles.

5. Be Bold

Make Your Headline As Interesting And Exciting As Possible

Just like an email headline, a blog post headline can make or break the post.

This is the first thing that people read, and if it doesn’t attract their attention they are not going to bother reading the content. It makes no difference if your content is fantastic, people won’t even bother with it if the headline doesn’t jump out and encourage them to start reading.

Use numbers where possible in your headlines as people are drawn to numbers in the headline for some reason. Powerful adjectives and action verbs are also highly recommended. A great book to read about this is “Hypnotic Writing” by Joe Vitale.

6. Be Knowledgable

Don’t write about something that you know nothing about

Choose a topic that you at least know something about, otherwise you will just embarrass yourself. You don’t have to be an expert or a guru though, and you can learn about topics by doing a bit of research.

But if you start writing content that is full of false claims and false information you will encourage negative comments which will tarnish your reputation. The last thing you want is negative publicity, or people picking you up on things that are just plain not true.

Also don’t just go through the motions when writing your content. Think clearly about what you want to tell your readers, and write it in a fashion that is easy to read, easy to understand, and is not boring.

It is a great idea to jot down bullet points for the content, and to then expand a paragraph or two for each bullet point.

Here are some resources to help you think of new blog post topics to write about:


101+ Killer Blog Post Ideas

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How to Choose a Topic for Your Next Blog Post


About Scott Dudley

Scott Dudley is a direct response copywriter from Perth, Australia, and he specializes in writing sales letters for information products and biz ops. Click here to register for a free 70 minute Copywriting Workshop presented by Scott . For more information about Scott click here to check out his portfolio, and apply for a free 30-minute Conversion Boosting Consultation.


  • Nicholas Cardot says:


    I wrote two days ago about writer’s block myself. However, in my article, I didn’t provide any useful tidbits of information for folks to recover from their bouts with this conflict. Instead, I asked for input as to how others deal with it. Your submission was perfectly timed to contribute to that idea.

    Thanks for these timely reminders that help us stay on focus and keep on generating great content.

  • Scott Dudley says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Nicholas, I have your book and have read it a few times now. Keep up the great work on this fantastic blog.

  • Andreas Müller says:


    sounds reasonable, I will remember the points next time I write a post.

  • Leichter Law says:

    Great tips! To sum it all up, it’s important that the content is valuable, useful, factual and up to date to keep the readers interested and find it helpful. Lastly, the headline should also be catchy to get the attention.

  • Elliot says:

    Great tips Scott. Another important thing to consider once you’ve put your article together is to make it visually appealing as a post. Rather than just a bunch of paragraphs (where people might simply tune out), breaking it up with dot points, relevant photos and useful links can increase readability and engagement.

  • Mandeep Singh says:

    Good tips. As a developer, I like being a problem solver. And posts that solve problems are some of the best posts because, most people searching the internet are looking for a solution to a problem.

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