10 Trashy Fonts for Your Grunge Collection

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  • August 28, 2009

Hey all you grunge font lovers, I’ve got another collection here for you to add to your collection.

If you looking to design a website or blog that uses textures and fonts like Site Sketch 101 then this collection of fonts is the perfect way to get going on it.

Over at Spyre Studios, Jon Phillips posted a great collection of 32 Trashy and Distorted Fonts. In this post you’ll find 10 of these amazing grunge fonts. To view all 32 just check them out at Spyre Studios: 32 Trashy and Distorted Fonts For Your Next Grungy Design.

Simply click on any one of the fonts below to be taken to a page where you can download the fonts and install them to your computer to be used in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop or any other program of your choosing. Have fun and happy blogging.

TrashcoSplinter 2Pulse SansJo Wrote A Love SongJamai StevieHawaii LoverHawaii KillerGingaFailDirty English


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  • Eric B. says:

    I will be sure to put these fonts to good use. My favourite one is Splinter 2.

  • Joe Cassada says:

    My vote is for Dirty English. Good finds, Nicholas.

  • Arisu says:

    Amazing fonts!! Thanks for the share ;)

  • Satkrit says:

    Love the hawaii killer! Great finds

  • Reza Winandar says:

    I’m very thanks to you! This will make my blogs looks better!

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      Reza Winandar –> Good. That’s always my goal — to help you build your blog into a beautiful, thriving website.

  • 10 Trashy Fonts for Your Grunge Collection | Web Design Updates says:

    […] 10 Trashy Fonts for Your Grunge Collection […]

  • Typhoon says:

    The fonts are looking awesome except the “jo-wrote-a-lovesong” and “Ginga” font..Not looking that great and doesn’t satisfies enough.

    The “FAIL” font is best amongst all.

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      Good. I’m glad that you found something you liked in the mix!

    • akira07 says:

      Jo-wrote-love-song and ginga font is make our eyes hurt for sure if we see it for a long time.

      But i think Jo-wrote-love-song and ginga font can looks good if we use it in appropriate place. The same things can happen for other font also.

      I mean, good font can be bad if we use it without considering many aspect such :
      – blog topic
      – blog background colour
      – the font colour

  • gautam hans says:

    Hawaii killer looks cool. I like grunge layouts. they look cooler than others. thanx for the share nicholas. stumbled.

  • Ruchi says:

    These are awesome..thanks for sharing.I am surely use this on my blog.

  • Ron Boracay says:

    Hawaii Lover and Hawaii Killer is killer design fonts. Simply love it.

    May I request sir? If you can find some fonts used by big companies such as Coke fonts or alike?

    Is that legal to be distributed and use by public?


    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      Ron Boracay –> That’s actually a really good idea. I’ve seen some other posts that cover that subject so I will dig around and find some and post them for everyone. That’s an awesome idea.

      • Ron Boracay says:

        Thanks, I am looking forward for that collection. I hope that it will be legal (not copyrighted by the company themselves) to be use by public.

        • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

          Ron Boracay –> I won’t post anything illegal or unethical. You can rest assured that the ones that I post will be free to use.

          • Ron Boracay says:

            Thanks Nicholas,

            I don’t want my past experience to hunt me again (some not so big company emailed me with some legal thing regarding their copyrighted material).

            PS: Don’t get me wrong with my comments and ideas here at your blog Nick, just trying to contribute and express my own thoughts.

            Thanks again!

    • Arisu says:

      Ron Boracay>>

      Sometimes they make their own font for logo and stuff. But most of the time the designer just makes little changes to some comercial font to get the logo.

      Yahoo font is around and has no legal issues if you like it ;)

      • Ron Boracay says:

        Yeah, I have seen those Yahoo and google fonts floating around the web, but, I love to collect those great brand logos like walt disney, coca cola and etc.

  • Seth W says:

    I have never really been a fan of the grunge style, I guess because I would never have a blog or anything for that matter in the grunge category. I think they are pretty creative fonts, but grunge is just not my thing!

    • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

      Seth W –> I understand that and most grunge sites that I see, I don’t like either. But I have seen a few that I really like.

  • Ana says:

    Great set of looking fonts there, Nicholas. If I captured this 5-10 years ago, I would have been really into them. I used to love creating graphics, and signatures and was mesmorised by any grunge effect font.

    I am sure they are going to be of use, to many.

    Thank you :)

  • ZXT says:

    They are not thrashy…they’re cool! But there’s a small niche for them so I guess people don’t get to use them a lot.

    • akira07 says:

      Especially for a formal topic blog/site such politic or finance, they’ll surely not using the font, right?

    • Arisu says:


      It´s just a matter of balance – a completely grungy site may be hard to the eyes, but a grungy logo on a smooth, clean theme can be very beautiful.

      And I use sketeched fonts for signs and post cards at the office, for internal stuff :P Even if we are in a major business firm, doesn´t mean we must be bored; and that´s my statement with my design for internal communication.

      • akira07 says:

        Hmm after i think, you’re opinion is not wrong at all. This era is a time for us to stop using usual font such Times New Roman or Arial :P.

        • Arisu says:


          Please don´t! There are many nice fonts to use only Arial or Times -I do use Arial, but not for everything XD –

          Just please don´t go anywhere near Comic Sans!

          • akira07 says:

            Why? I love Comic Sans MS. I use it when i’m chatting via Yahoo Messenger.

            • Arisu says:


              Well, Comic Sans it´s the most hated font by designers ^^ It´s just used everywhere and by everyone and it´s not that pretty. There´s even a campain to ban it – t-shirts and all that stuff involved –

              But if you really love it… what can I do? :P

              • akira07 says:

                Haha i just know there is a controversy about comic sans font. Can you give me more detail of this matter (maybe site url).

                Ah but for me the usage of font is not a big matter. Sometime people don’t care about the font. For example, i read this blog but i don’t care about the font. Since the font is clean and simple, it’s OK.

      • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

        Arisu –> I think that the fonts on this site have elements of grunge in them.

        • Arisu says:

          Nick>> You could say so, but they´re really nice :D

          • Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

            Arisu –> I’m probably wrong on this, but when I think of grunge, I think of texture. I think this site has a few elements of grunge texture but with the light tans it evens things out to create a warm environment. That’s my hope anyway.

            • Arisu says:


              Definitely, you´ve made a great work designing sitesketch, the information is well organized and you can easily get whatever you´re looking for; the colors are easy on the eyes and you can look at it for hours if you want to and the textures and forms give a fun, cosy feeling to it but it also looks up-to-date.

  • akira07 says:

    The font used to write “FAIL” is great. It’s so simple and looks like made by pencil.

    Thanks for sharing the info…!!!

  • olis says:

    Great article, thx :)
    Also some nice free grunge fonts http://www.fonts2u.com/category.html?id=42

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