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A site dedicated to exploring an artistic approach to building your online presence through design, influence, content, relationships and so much more.

These three concepts are at the core of Site Sketch 101. They are the foundational pillars necessary to build a powerful and profitable blog.

Awesome Content

Articles that are fun, compelling, easy-to-read, meeting user’s needs, providing excellent information, well-written, and use proper grammar.

Brilliant Design

A layout that is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, looks professional, sets you apart from the crowd, is search engine optimized, and is warm and inviting to the readers.

Commanding Influence

You as the author must be connecting personally, answering questions, exhibiting strong leadership, demonstrating sacrifice by putting the readers needs before your own, etc.

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The Revival of Yellow Journalism

| The Written Word | 11 Comments

The Birth of Yellow Journalism
In the 1890’s, two newspapers, New York World and New York Journal, were pitted against one another in a fierce competition to sell as many new…

The Human Side of the Internet

The Human Side of the Internet

| Tribes & Communities | 3 Comments

At nearly 25 years old, today’s modern internet is continually evolving.  For the first decade or so into it’s history, when it was just sprouting, the internet was…


The 12 Core Elements of a Brilliant Site Design

| User Interface | One Comment

Average bloggers tend to fail on this one…a lot. Most people get into blogging because they have a passion to write about something. The majority of bloggers assume that as long a…

Red Lipstick

10 Tips for Building an Awesome Online Presence

| Tribes & Communities | 6 Comments

1. Provide genuine, quality help to others.
“When you focus on quality, consistency, and being genuinely helpful (not just soliciting click-throughs) your results will…

"Nick has come up with some amazing ideas, he\'s developed and coded it, and made it look great...Nicholas Cardot is one of those guys that is really good at a lot of things and makes it look easy."

− Dino Dogan

"Nick is truly a special talent...But meeting Nick truly helped propel myself and my business forward. He understands the nuances of content creation, brand storytelling and design in a way that creates results."

− Jon Thomas

"Nick is a creative genius. We have worked together on several projects, and he never ceases to amaze me. Nick is very professional, and provides incredible value to his clients. "

− Keith Bloemendaal

"Nicholas...took the time to show me the ropes and help me understand blogging. Nicholas is one of the rare few who really care and it shows in his work."

− Barry Feldman

"Nick is everything that he promises. He's smart, creative and consistent at bringing reliable digital marketing strategies and designs to bloggers in need."

− Seth Waite

"Nicholas Cardot is one of those people you can not easily forget. He possesses a set of complementary skills you seldom find in one individual. "

− Jason Frasca

"His tenacity, work ethic, and professional competence is unmatched. Nicholas always sought more responsibility and continuously volunteered for the hard tasks or missions that no one else wanted."

− SGM Raymond Harris